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Running at redline

On Fri, 28 Apr 1995 quattro-digest-owner@coimbra.ans.net wrote:
> as they tend to break at the number one cyl. sometimes #3. It's ok to tap 
> redline once in awhile, to clean out the carbon, although I'm sure anyone 
> on this group doesn't granny ride their cars. But running anything over 
> 6k is harder on the engine than you might expect!

I ran at redline ( or within 500 rpm of it, unless I had braked and was 
accelerating towards it ) for about a half an hour doing a canyon-speed 
race thing. ( It's a thing with me and my friends.... I can do 25 
minutes, which is the fastest.. If I upgraded my suspension and tires, 
damn! ( these are all 99% + stock cars with shitty student tires ))
My car didn't do anything funny. Wasn't even that hot. If it matters, I 
have a K&N in there for improved upper end.

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