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Re: Re[2]: more lighting questions

>there must be one.  All I know it that by convention ( I remember this from 
>school, many years ago)  that the hot side of anything should be switched.  
>This especially true in 120VAC circuits.  Suppose the switch were off and you 
>were working on a device.  Even though the device is off, if you were on the 
>live hot line and touched any other ground..... OUCH

Im my school they taught us never to work on ANYTHING that wasn't completely
dead.  If you're working on a circuit that is live (even if it's switched
off) you should expect to get killed.

Personally I think the idea of switching the relay using ground is a great
idea.  If your wire contacts ground somehow, your safe.  If that happens with
hot and you aren't fused, you're in trouble.

IMHO of course,
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