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quattro coupe

I stopped by my local used-car lot this evening to look at a Coupe GT.  
While there, I noticed a Quattro Coupe sitting in the back.  It was brown 
(champagne?) with a black-leather interior.  I think it had 104,000 
miles on it, but I'm not sure (it was filthy, inside and out).  The paint 
looked fine, with no really noticeable scratches or dings.

Anyone here have any idea on what these cars go for?  My wife works for 
an ovloV (as well as BMW and SAAB) dealer, and she's going to check the 
blue book value on Monday, but I was curious to see if anyone had any 
recent knowledge of pricing.  My first car was also an '83 TQC,and I'm 
getting a little tired of my Camaro (yes, it has a Hurst shifter).

Also, it's missing the driver's seat...is it difficult ot find a replacement?


1980 Camaro Z-28
1986 Olds Achieva