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Re: FS:'86 Audi 4000CS quattro Peter Greg ltd ed.

Wasn't Ned Ritchie looking for white 4000cs quattro ?

>       '86 (87?) Audi 4000CS quattro "Peter Greg Edition"
>              -also known as a Cannonball Run edition.
>              -Alpine White ext/ Grey lthr int.
>              -Grey lthr Reccaros.
>              -Grey lthr wrapped Nardi steering wheel.
>              -2 way sunroof.
>              -all options/ pwr windows, etc.
>              -BBS "graphite" wheels.
>              -Bosch fog lights.
>              -KYB shocks and springs.
>              -Cannonball Run badges.
>              -Brock Yates signature on trunklid.
>              -aftermarket (brand?) exhaust.
>              -120k(?) miles.

>   This "Peter Greg" edition 4000CS quattro was a limited edition run of 
>done by Brumos Porshe+Audi dealers in 1986(87?) after Peter Greg (Porsche 
>car driver who raced under the Brumos Team) died.  He also owned several 
>ed?) Brumos dealerships.  They only made 15-20 of these ltd edition 
>One of these ltd edition quattros (sponsored by Brumos) was raced in the One 
>p of America, hence it was also known as the Cannonball Run edition and is 
>tified by its Cannonball badging.  It has these little badges on the car 
>that s
>ay "Cannonball: Quattro 012".  I think this car would make a great autocross 
>ce car with a little work.  It's not in perfect condition, but would be 
> for a race car.  It now belongs to a mechanic at German Car Service in 
> named Bill, who worked as a mechanic for Brumos Prosche+Audi in Florida 
>when t
>his run of cars was made.  All the stuff one these cars was done by Brumos 
>(I b
>eleve in Florida).

>   If anyone is interested in this car they can e-mail me privately and I 
>give out the number to German Car Service.  It is for sale for $3,500 and is 
>oks like it could be a fun car for the money.

                                                      --Dan Hussey
                                                      '88 5000CS tq

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