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Re: Rattling Cat box

>now. Guy puts it up on the rack and immediately says 'yep. converter's gone!'

Typical.  >:-(

>$500-700 for a factory replacement!!!!!!!!! I said 'Why don't we try to
>weld just the ends back to the pipe itself' as it had obviously just
>broken loose the original welds. He said ok, and I'll be damned if that
>didn't cure the whole problem!  He was so embarrased that he didn't even

Actually, I'm suprised that he agreed.  Usually they would hide behind the
clause "federal law prohibits us from working on any exhaust system with a
damaged catalytic converter."  Can you tell I've heard that one a couple of

My girlfriend's Horizon had a bad muffler.  Many shops wouldn't repair it
because there was a rattle from the converter (ie. "'yep. converter's
gone!") and they couldn't even put a muffler on because the cat was bad.
Turns out that the cat rattle was a broken air injection pipe for the
3-stage cat converter.  Simply welding the pipe back on fixed the
problem....of course, it took me 3 trips to 3 shops before I could find
someone who would even do that.  Nazi's!



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