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Re: Relay Power

there must be one.  All I know it that by convention ( I remember this from 
school, many years ago)  that the hot side of anything should be switched.  
This especially true in 120VAC circuits.  Suppose the switch were off and you

were working on a device.  Even though the device is off, if you were on the 
live hot line and touched any other ground..... OUCH


No, not quite, a ground can be considered a power (activating) source, and as
long as you have a fuse on the relay power (+ side), it is the PREFERRED way
to activate a relay to reduce arc power up......  Once the power is "switched
on" you have the same chance of grounding the hot lead as a ground
switch........  BTW most hella relays do not need more than a 2 amp fuse on
the positive (relay activating power)....