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Re: Splitfire voodo Loungin'

Watched a dyno test on Splitfires a few weeks back on a beetle engine b4 and
after splitfires all other conditions exact....  1/2 hp at 60hp.....  Does
this mean they work on other apps?  Not convinced...  Could it be the nth
degree of tweek?  Maybe....  Did it make me buy a pair at $5 a piece?  No
 ....  Did I get wowed?  Yes, on that demo....  Could there be splitfire type
plug available elsewhere?  Oh, yes.....  The theory behind splitfires is
somewhat logical, but you can align your plugs with shims and prolly get
almost the same performance.....  This guy was going to dyno some other apps,
when I get back next week I'll stop by again........  Let y'all know......