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help me buy a car (cars?)

I don't know what to do with my cars.  We've got 2, the 88 Audi 90
now at 90k miles - ultrareliable, looks great, but not a quattro,
and the small trunk and leather seats make it impracticle for my
wife (she's a teacher and hauls lots of books around).  The other 
is my 1986 Jetta GLI, at 147k miles, handles and drives great,
also ultrareliable, but short on power and age is starting to show
in the form of some minor surface rust and peeling paint.  

I'll probably end up selling the Audi and getting her a 4x4 (what
she wants) like a 89 Trooper or 90-92 4dr Sidekick/Tracker, or
maybe a 4runner if I can find one at a reasonable price.

I *should* keep the Jetta, since it's such a great car, but I'm at
the point where I'd really like to revamp the whole thing, ie
paint it, change suspension, etc, meaning spend some $ on it.
But I really lust for a quattro - 87 red CSQ preferred, but I wouldn't
sneeze at an 88/89 90Q either (cloth seats!).

So, help me decide what to buy.  There is absolutly no $ to spend on
cars beyond what the current ones are worth (figure $7000 for the 
Audi, $3000 for the Jetta) but maybe in a few months [I am in
the middle of renovating a house].

Thought this would make for an interesting non-quattro discussion :).

| Dan |
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