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Re: 4000 VDO clock

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Ti Kan wrote:

> Does anyone know if the VDO analog clock from an '84 4000 will fit
> into an '86 4000 instrument cluster?  The 86 has a cosmetically

I know the speedo/tach will NOT work from the '84- later ('85-'87) 
models.  They look almost *exactly* the same, but it seems that the 
electronic "wiring", the little integrated circuit that runs along the 
back of the cluster is *very* different.  I tried this, as I needed a new 
speedo, and everything bolts right into place, but when I connected the 
wires, warning lights and things started blinking when the ignition was 
OFF!  They look the same, but be careful of the wiring.  Something as 
simple as the clock might work though.  Physically they should be the same.

Please note that this info. was provided by an Anthropology student, not 
an EE or other qualified person. :)

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock