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Re: Rubbing sound when I turn left on '86 Coupe GT

On 29 Apr 1995, Glenn Kaufman wrote:

> My car started making a rubbing sound when I turn left 90 degrees.  Does anyone 
> have an idea of what could be wrong with my car?  If it becomes real annoying, 
> I guess I can just make a 270 degree right turn.  Hah hah.  Thx.  glenn
Hey, my 84 coupe does that too!
I always thought it was due to the drivers side front end collision i had
several years ago. KInda cleared a median at 65 plus (one of those tire
adhesion tests, ya know). Anyhow AFTER a new control arm and other susp.
equipment on that side it is visibly noticeable that the left front wheel
isn't center in the wheel well. It rubs just as you mention when I do a
90 degree left hand turn. Mine is off enough for me to not run chains in
the winter (if it rubs now, can imagine what would hapen w/ chains :))
  so it may be that your alignment is way off or somethings not good up
at that wheel, put it in the air and look at it thoroughly. I never was
happy that mine didn't get back to original form, but it does OK.

Michael Crutchfield
  - 84 Coupe