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SUPERCHIPS??? What was the prob?

        Hey y'all,

             A friend of mine was interested in getting the Superchips computer
 box upgrade.  I told him I saw it under the "Companies not to buisiness" list,
 but I couldn't really tell him why.  He told me that a friend of his, who also
 has a 5000CStq has that mod and is very happy with it; with considerable power
 increase.  Well anyways, he wondered if I could find out a little about why or
 how this company wound up on this "bad" list.

             All it said was that they had "grosly misleading advertising" conc
erning thier mods and in most cases, no computer modifications were even done.
It said that this was "discussed at great lengths on the net", but I haven't he
ard anything about it in the 3 months I've been on this list.  Can anyone shed
some light on this matter?  I'm curious as to what was said about thie mods.  I
 found no record of it in the archives.  Is this company really all that bad?
My friend seemed pretty impressed with the mod.  I'd appreciate any comments th
at could help.