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Re: '84 4000Q 1/4 mi times @ NED last Wed night

  12.5 sec 1/4 mile times for Talons? That surprising! Yes, basically, I
  was using progressively more RPM on the launch as well as getting a
  better overall feel for the launch and the lights. It's the first time
  I've been 1/4 mile racing in 2-3 years and the first time ever in a
  4000Q, so there is still a good learning curve for me to climb. The setup
  of the car remained identical for all runs. In future runs I will try
  removing the baffles on the 'Trapp (I ran with only 7 'cause the HW's to
  rusty to remove them totally or to add more) and also with a clean K&N
  and some fresh Tri-electrodes, though technique is the major factor. I
  felt pretty good about the improvement and overall times. I got down into
  the ballpark of the professional magazine testers in only 5 runs and with
  a 12-year old car with >152k miles on the all-original driveline. Looking
  forward to future Wed nights and running the 5kTQW ,  73 T/A and ur-Q