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Re: removing Audi 90 Steering Wheel

Rob Perry writes:
> I need to replace the combo switch (turn sig, headlights....) on the steering 
> column.  Anyone know  how to get the steering wheel off?  It's an '88 so 
> there's no airbag to blow up in my face, but on my quick look, I could't see 
> how the horn pad came off.  And, once it's off, what's under it?  A big nut or 
> something more complex.

The horn pad should simply pull off.  You will need to apply a firm,
consistent pull, and do one corner at a time (firm but gentle).  If
not done correctly you might break the plaster clips under the
horn pad which holds the pad in place.

Once the pad comes loose, disconnect the single wire for the horn,
and the steering wheel can be removed by unbolting that large 24mm
bolt.  Make sure you wheel is centered first.

There is also a trick to removing the column switches.  I believe
the 88-and-later 80 and 90 cars have the same design as most
5000s, which means that you will have to insert a philips screwdriver 
at an angle into a hole on the bottom of the steering column and
loosen the switch clamp before sliding the whole thing off.

A Robert Bentley manual has good instructions and details pictures
of all this.  I would recommend getting one if you don't already
have it.


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