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Re: Catalytic Converter Replacement for '86 Coupe GT

On 2 May 1995, Glenn Kaufman wrote:

> After 8.5 yrs, I need to replace it.  The dealer wanted $800 for the part - 
> they must be dreaming!  I had a local reputable shop put on one.  
> Unfortunately, it's noisy.  
> Does anyone have any recommendations on any replacement brands or any 
> experience they can share with me?

The cheapest (iqnoring legality) way is to punch out the "guts" of the 
converter.  I wonder what impact it would have on the engine, exhaust, 
etc ?  Theoretically, you are going to get more hp.  It may be slightly 
noisier that stock converter.  But, would it hurt the engine or exhaust 
system I don't know.  I did it on my 85 GTI, everything seems fine.