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Re: Late Apexing vs. Ape Latexing

> I think there's very much agreement on most points (or arcs) of this 
> discussion.  

Except for one that I haven't seen mentioned: How many slaloms have you ever
found to measure the same distance from cone-to-cone?  I always make it a
point to pace of the distance between the cones and only rarely are they the
same from start-to-finish. 

As a result, I'm almost always forced to use one or both of my feet as well
as my hands to slightly open or close my line when driving through them ...
IMHO, all this talk of sinewaves is nice in theory but not very relevant in
the real world.

P.S.: I late-apex 'em myself ... unless the less-experienced competitors in
the run-groups ahead of me drove really stupid lines and pushed the marbles
into MY line, in which case it's often quicker to drive theirs imperfect as
it may be!

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