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My turn to vent!

 Now it's my turn to vent. . .

	The other day I got new tires at NTW.  First, it took them way
to long to get the right tires.  All I wanted was 205/60/15 A2's but it
took them almost a week to get the right ones.  When they were replacing
the tires the *manager* brought me out to sho me that my rear brakes
were *terrible*.  He claimed that the right rear caliper was frozen, the
rotors need to be changed, and then the pads on both sides were GONE,
(and he stressed gone).  I knew the pads were ok, but was not sure about
the caliper.
	I brought the car to my mechanic who checked it out.  Guess
what?  To my surprise the caliper was not frozen and the pads were fine.
I did have my mechanic change the rotors and pads (I got repco pads amd
ATE rotors).  
	I would advise staying away from NTW for anything other than
tires and I would think twice about tires unless they have you size in
stock.  With the price NTW gave me for everything (including tires) I
could have droped almost $1000.  That would have been a very costly

	Just my $.02,

	Andrew Shea