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shopping around

  I pulled the rear rotors off the '84 4000Q auto-x car last weekend to
  have them turned to try to eliminate some brake pedal pulsing. When I got
  the rotors off I found that one was too rusted to consider turning and
  would have to be replaced.    :(     I didn't want to mail-order from PAP
  as I usually would 'cause I didn't want to put it all back together again
  only to repeat the job when the new rotors arrived, so I called some
  local parts places to see if I could get lucky and find a couple of
  rotors in stock.   :(   Well, the first two big chains I tried, VIP and
  Auto Palace would have to special order them and they were ~ $80 and ~
  $90 US EACH.  :(  OUCH! I tried another place I found in the yellow
  pages, Robbins Auto Parts, on a long shot, they not only had them in
  stock, but at $34 each.  :)  Nice. I figuerd they would be of cheap japan
  manufacture, but what the heck, they had 'em IN STOCK. So we pile into
  the 5kTQW and mosey on down to RAP. Well, guess what?! GENUINE ATE rotors
  of genuine Fatherland manufacture! So I got the job done and got both Ate
  rotors for less than the price of one that I would have had to special
  order and wait for. Nice.   :)