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Re: My turn to vent!

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> Which NTW was it? I've been to the one in Avon, MA, and
> they had a new set of BFG Comp T/A's on my car in 1/2 hour.
> I asked them 'how much for pads and rotors?', and the guy
> told me 'with your car, you'd be better off going to a 
> specialist....'. I thought they were honest enough.
> I think when it comes to retail chains of any type, they
> vary depending on they way the manager wants to run the 
> place (which also holds true for individual small businesses).
> To me, a guage of how good a place might be is what kinds of
> cars the mechanic drives. The guy I go to has a 1967 Shelby
> GT350 he rebuilt from scratch himself and an early 70's
> Jag XKE that he keeps running perfect. He loves cars, so he
> makes a living at it.
> 1989 80Q
  The NTW I went to is in Manchester, NH. on South Willow Street.

	Andrew Shea