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Re: 4000KQ CV Boot & TQC

On Fri, 5 May 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> There is a stamped metal heat shield on the QTC that protects the right 
> front CV boot from the heat.  The 5kT probably has the same sort of shield.

Anyone know if these were used on the FWD 4000?  I remember seeing 
something in the Bentley or the Haynes, but I figured that it was for 
"Euro" models or something.  Is this yet another part that a previous 
owner didn't reinstall?

A good mechanic always has a few spare parts left over...

Robert Phillips
The University of Akron Sociology Department-------Akron, Ohio
1987 Audi 4000S, 1.8L 4-cyl, FWD----------SOLO II  H-Stock