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Need mechanic suggestions


I'm fairly new to this list, and also fairly new to Audis (I've
owned an '88 5000S for about 10 months now).  Unfortunately, I've
started to experience a number of problems with the car.  I may
ask some questions about some of these problems in a subsequent
post, but for now, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a
reliable, conscientious Audi mechanic in the northern Virginia
(i.e., suburban D.C.) area.  I consulted the mechanics list in
the archives but the closest entries I saw were a couple in 
Maryland.  I live in Prince William county and would prefer to
find someone there, but Fairfax county would be OK, and even 
Arlington/Alexandria or Loudoun county would do if the shop does
good enough work.

Any tips on good parts suppliers in the area would also be 
appreciated.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

BTW, despite occasional lapses (8^), the amount of useful and/or
interesting information dispensed in this digest is generally 
quite high, and the congenial atmosphere makes reading a pleasure.  
Keep up the good work, gang.


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