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Re: 5KCSTQ: fuel enrichment

On Sun, 7 May 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> >>>>>in anyway, why goof with the rest of the injection? Besides, if you do 
> not have the equipment to sniff the tailpipe emmiss. you may be just 
> winging it, and if you run lean on a turbo motor..... you get the idea. 
> If you absolutely must play with the mixture and don't have the right 
> tools, remember that C.Clock wise is lean and Clock wise is rich. Find 
> the spot in between that doesn't change the tone of the motor. It should 
> be within a one turn (360 deg.) find the middle ground between lean and 
> rich, when the idle starts to fluctuate on either end. Go half way and 
> then just a tiny bit more towards rich. That should get you in the
> ballpark.<<<<<<<
> Or you could just hook up a dwell to the freq valve and do it exactly right
> (which is 50+/- 8% @ idle), me I'd nail that 42 on the nose...  NJTH
> Scott
Yes, I suppose you could. I hook up my multi-meter to the o2 sensor and 
read mili-volts .5volts is about 14.7-1 stoichiometric (sp?). It helps 
bigtime if you have an analog multi-meter though. The fluctuation drives 
digital mad!