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Re: '90-91 CQ/90 radios

Hi Andy. Got the radio on Saturday, thanks a million. You should get your 
$$ by Wednesday.  
When I turn it on, it says SAFe.  I followed the directions Mike Larosa 
posted a while ago for entering the security code.  But I still have a 
couple of questions.

1) There is a 4 digit code written on the radio (9260) Which Im assuming 
is the security code.  According to Mikes instructions, the first digit 
must be a 1 or a 0 (actually 1 or off). which leaves 3 digits. Do I enter 
260 or 926 etc..??? Should I keep the first digit the 1 or have it off?

After a while, It says  6  SAFe.  Any ideas???  I can still get the 1000 
code for entering the pin, but Im lost. Any info appreciated! THanks all


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