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5kTQ: Questions

     Hey Y'all,

          Just had a few simple qustions about my 5000CS turbo quattro before I
 leave school for the summer.  These should be nothing compared to the normal t
echnically complex stuff that is normally discussed on the net.

           1. My steering wheel moves around a lot over bumps and stuff like th
at.  It doesn't feel very insulated.  I like to "feel the road" in the wheel, b
ut I don't like it to move around on me.  I was wondering if maybee some parts
of the steering mechanism were starting to lossen up and could be tightened?  I
'm not crazy about the rather large turning radius either, but I guess there's
not much that can be done about that.  I've heard a lot of upgrading just about
 everything on these cars, but never heard anything about the steering.  What d
o y'all think I should do if I want more insulation (less movement) of the stee
ring?  Advice?

           2.  Does anyone have the number to Carlsen Audi on them.  I know it'
s in the vendor list but, if someone has it memorized, ya know?  OK, I'm just l
azy.  So, sue me.

           3.  How much would I expect to pay for a new factory steering wheel
for my car ('87 wheel)?  Just a ballpark estimate.  Anyone done this recently?

           4.  What's the most informative and easiest way to find out technica
l advice on Audis, especaily quattros?  I'll answer this one, it's easy.  The q
uattro net, of course!~  TIA.