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Re: OEM exhaust

On Mon, 8 May 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> B4 you slam the oem, understand that if you go to a aftermarket exhaust
> (after the cat) on any audi app, you will realize no performance gains
> WHATSOEVER (it might sound better tho) on that exhaust unless you increase
> its effective diameter......  Even then, you're better off spooning  that
> honeycomb cereal box b4 the exhaust....  The audi/BMW exhausts are prolly
> better freeflowing than any aftermarket system you'll get your hands on, more
> or less expensive....  NOT just thinkin here....  Been there, don't go......
Key words here are effective diameter. You are right scott.  I did 
however get some custom 3" bent ont my 4kq that made a very noticeable 
difference on performance.  Sounded great too.  It straightened a few of 
the curves in it as well.  Dont recommend it though.  Seemd to hit the 
undercarriage in places, and getting it to stop rattling over bumps was a 
year long chore.  Wouldnt do it again.


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