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Temp gauge

     Hope someone can help me with 2 problems. ('87 5Kcst, not a q). My 
     coolant temp gauge reads intermittently. It usually won't read for a 
     while, sometimes will read for a while if you stop the car and 
     re-start it warm, then quit reading again. Length of time it seeems ok 
     varies from about 2 miles to 15 or so. The manual says to test the 
     gauge using a "VW 1301" tool...I am guessing this is a voltage or 
     current producing device, which I do not have. The car had not ben 
     driven for about a year before I got it home a few days ago. 
     Second problem concerns the ignition warning light. It stays on all 
     the time. Owner's manual indicates low octane gas could be the 
     problem, so I filled up with 92 octane gas. I have driven long enough 
     to burn out all the old gas, I think, and the light stays on. I have 
     read the manual about obtaining the error codes, but have not had time 
     to do this yet. I don't hear any knock, but can't tell if I have lost 
     power, as the light has been on since I purchased the car. (I haven't 
     put a lot of miles on it.) Any advice would be appreciated...it seems 
     the problem could be from a variety of sources; can anyone tell me 
     which might be the most likely candidate? 
     Jerry Fields