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Re: Competition cries "OOWWWWW-D"

  Glad to hear you are off to a good start!
1:  Do you honestly think that a 4kq can win a national auto-x
championship with the right driver?  I don't want to invest a lot of
money in a car that simply can't win it all.

2:  As far as I can tell, I can change my air filter, exhaust, brake
lines, shocks, allignment, and tires in stock class.  Is there anything
else that I can change?


3:  What filter should I get?  Cost estimate?  Is it worth the money?

K&N, it's worth it, ~$50 US

4:  Should I change the brake lines?  Cost estimate?  Is it worth it?

No, no real advantage in auto-x, MetalMaster metallic pads might be a help

5:  I need to replace the badly worn original shocks.  What ones should
I get?  Cost estimate?  Is it worthe the money?

Koni, yes it's worth it

6:  What size BFG R1s should I get?  Will a smaller overall diameter be
a help (lower CG, higher ratio)?  Cost estimate?

Try 205-55-14 or 195-65-14, R1s or RSIIs

7:  Using a price/performance analysis, in what order should I make
these improvements?  I hope to make all the changes by the end of the
season so I can go to the Nats. next year.

In order, tires, struts, alignment, exhaust, K&N, tri-electrode plugs,
brake pads, lighter wheels

8:  One last thing.  Is it legal to use the diff locking on the car?  Is
it legal to change the vacuum lines so I can lock the rear by itself?

Yes, definitely legal to use, no question about that, they are stock
equipment, legality of locking
the rear only is open to argument, try to get protested at a local or Nat'l
Tour event to determine
this BEFORE Nationals