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Re: Temp gauge

Temp guage.....  Check the connection at the guage, they tend to get  some
resistance with crud....  Sounds like the sender was reading right?  May want
to pull it off and clean the antifreeze buildup....  And if it's the little
one, just get another......  A good electronic guy can hook you up a resistor
to ground in the range of your sender to check the wire to the guage...

IGN Warning.....  You could have a timing prollum here....  The easiest test
for the dist is to move it a little in both directions and see  if the light
resets (must shut off car to reset)......  Could be getting a bad reading
from your crank sender too....  May want to code the car , chances are it
will tell you exactly where you are.....   Hmmmmm  on the turbo cars if the
temp sender to the computer isn't right you don't get full boost..........
  Could you have a single sender for the guage and the computer??????