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Re: Muffler Hunt

> From: "Jerry FIELDS" <Jerry.Fields@ccmail.adp.wisc.edu>
> Date: Mon, 08 May 95 11:25:23 CDT
> Subject: Muffler hunt
>      I have been hunting for a front muffler for my '87 5Kcst. Here are
>		(snip...) 
>      I've decided to try the Blaufergnugen unit. It should arrive in a
>      couple days, along with all the necessary parts and pieces.
>      Manufacturer is Bozel. (sp?) Anyone looking for a stocker replacement

I recently went through the same process to find a center muffler for my
1987 Audi Coupe GT.  I ended up getting a Bosal muffler and short center
pipe (between the cat outlet and the center muffler inlet pipe) from 
Stranos.  The Bosal pieces were made in Canada and had the typical Midas-
quality "alumized" finish - nothing great to look at but the price was 
right.  Anyway, the parts fit properly without too much effort.  As the
original rear muffler (stainless?) and cat were still in good shape, I 
left these pieces untouched, with the exception of replacing as many of 
the nuts and bolts as possible with stainless steel ones (highly recom-
mended! -- especially if the 5K has limited access bolts on upper flanges
like the 4K).  Anyway, I did the job last year (July or August 94) and
recently took a look to see how things were holding up.  The Bosal pieces
are completely rust-brown now, with no evidence of silver aluminization.
They still feel solid but I was a little surprised that the surface had
deteriorated so quickly, especially since the winter around here (NJ) 
was relatively mild and salt-free.  The other things that bothered me a
little bit were that the pipes were not smooth mandrel-bent tubes (with 
circular crosssection thru the bend) like the OEM exhaust but were 
slightly "crimp-flattened" by whatever machine was used to bend them, 
and also the center pipe had a necked-down section (about 1/2" smaller 
in diameter than the rest of the exhaust) that would slightly restrict 
the cat outlet.  I didn't notice any significant performance loss but
on a turbo it might be noticible.  My .02 of advice -- check your 
parts when they arrive and decide whether the quality and design is up
to par before you install.  Also, if you're planning on keeping the car
for a long time, one good stainless system will probably be cheaper than
two or three cheapo systems over the same period.  YMMV!!!

					-Chris Idleman
					  '87 Coupe GT