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Goodyear Eagle Aquatred Tires

Hi  all,

I finally had to (not really)  replace my Eagle GT II tires with 4 
Goodyear Eagle Aquatred - 195/60/R14 with the dual aquachannel design.

You guys did talk a lot about BFG Comp t/a's or Yoko's.   When I put 
enough miles on the Eagle aquatred, I'll  give you my feedback.

Initial reactions : So far so good.  They feel pretty responsive.  I 
did have to bring it back to the shop for re-balancing.  One of the 4 
tires was not quite balanced correctly to start with.  After that, 
they are quite smooth.  Yes, they use stick-on weights.

Waiting for the rain to come so that I can  test out the wet performance.

Visual :  Although the dual channel design is pretty neat, being a 
195/60/r14, they don't look as impressive as the bigger or lower tires.

Signing off for now,
    Solomon Ngan<sngan@netaccess.on.ca>

          '90 90q20v
          '85 vw gti
          '84 5000s