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Re: Competition cries "OOWWWWW-D"

HEY, run what ya brung, i say. If ya want to be competitive, the biggest 
thing you can do is learn how to drive. I ran NE.DIV. Solo II 
championships for the last four years, and the firsrt year I was beaten 
by a VW rabbit pick-up truck in DSP class!! (Iwas running a 77 rabbit in 
DSP) Then gradually I got better and eventually I got as high as second 
place, just behind another rabbit. 

But, let me tell you something! Those guys in stock are probably the best 
drivers of them all. I get pissed to no end when the likes of Neil Sapp 
and other stock drivers almost, and I mean almost beat my time! And I'm 
running a well prepared VW compared to their Miata's and neons! 
So, it's not always in the car dude, although I'm thinking you prob. 
won't win your class in the Q unless it snows out there. GOOD LUCK though!