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Audi 5000 Climate Control Tech Bulletins ...

Finally checked out the Tech Bulletin fiche this morning ... sorry it 
took so long to get back to you on this.  Before I get into the info on 
the filter to prevent oil from getting into the A/C Programmer, I wanted 
to list the items I saw in the fiche that referred to 5000 climate control.
Let me know if you want more info on any of them ... since they are on 
microfiche it would be a bit of a hassle to do much more than recount the 
procedure as an e-mail message.  

A80-87-01  '84-86 5000      Radiator fan runs only on high (resistor failure)
A80-88-T01 all 5000         Heater core leaking (brittle gaskets)
A80-87-04  '84-85 5000S/T/W Climate Control, no heat
A87-88-T05 '84-86 5000      Radiator fan runs only on high

The "oil in programmer" tech bulletin number is A87-89-01, and applies to 
'84-88 5000/T.  The common symptom listed in the note is that the system 
runs in the default defrost mode only.  The note said that if oil gets into 
the programmer it must be replaced.  There was a procedure documented for 
checking for oil in the system, I didn't even look since my car's C/C works.  
I believe that the investigation involves pulling the vacuum line out of 
the programmer and looking for oil ...

The part number for the fuel filter cum oil filter for C/C is 811 201 511D
which I bought from the dealer, but should be available from other sources
as well.  The procedure involves locating the vacuum line for the C/C, which
runs from the manifold to a check valve and should be located behind the 
engine.  On my '88 5kCSTQW the line was a fairly large diameter rubber hose
that ran over the bellhousing, and was in fact held in place by a wire 
bracket that comes up from one of the bolts that holds the bellhousing to 
the engine.  cut the line and insert the filter such that the flow arrow on 
the filter points toward the manifold.  The inlet to the filter is offset 
(as opposed to the axially mounted outlet) which should be positioned so that 
the offset inlet is at the top.  I'm finding this difficult to describe, so 
I'll describe the purpose ... position the inlet so that the filter can hold 
the maximum amount of oil before it would drain into the C/C system.  Use 
hose clamps to seal the system ...

The bulletin states that there may be some variation in the hose routing 
dependent upon the year of the car and whether or not the car has a turbo ...

I cut the vacuum line on my car in such a way as to have the wire bracket 
holding up the outlet connection of the fuel filter.  Everything fits in 
there very well.  I check the filter when I check all other fluids ... so 
far no oil in the filter.

Hope this helps!
Steve Buchholz