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Re: Fwd: Re: Competition cries "OOWWWW..

> Why is the MX-6 more suited to winning the class?  Is it the car or the 
> driver.  Could Andy win the nats with a 4kq?  I hate to think that I 
> don't have a prayer on a national level because of my car, reguardless 
> of my abilities as a driver.

Andy is an awfully good driver but I don't think even he could win the Nats
in a 4000Q.  The car is simply too heavy, too undertired and the suspension
design is too outdated to be Nationally competitive these days.  Regardless
of what you think of it, the MX-6 is a considerably more modern design than
the 4000Q: it has bigger wheels, a wider track, and a much stiffer body.  I 
would never own one myself -- or a Toyota Celica, for that matter -- but if
you want to win H-stock at the Nationals in 1995... 

I understand your predicament: Don't forget that I spent almost $7k prepping
my '85 4000S for the '93 season -- everything that makes the car start, stop
or steer was either rebuilt of replaced -- but that didn't make it a winning
car.  Fun to drive, definitely, but a front-running car capable of winning a
National Championship?  Not hardly.

That said, free advice is worth what you pay for it and I'd love for you (or
Glen...) to prove me wrong about the 4000Q's competition potential.  There's
certainly no harm in trying -- as I posted earlier, you'll have a great time
in Topeka -- but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

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P.S. to Glen: The guy who trophied at the Nationals in an '87 Coupe was Carl
Zeilon.  I know he got 6th place in 1989 (I was right behind in 7th!) and as
I recall, he got 3rd in 1991 or 1992 ... I'll have to check.  I didn't know
it at the time, but I now think he had one of those 130hp 2.2s in his car as
he had a hard time understanding how my 74hp 1.7 nearly kept up with him.  I
haven't seen or heard about him for the last couple of years so I don't have
any idea whether he's still autocrossing or even driving an Audi.