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Re: Coupe Quattro: 3800 RPM Cutout

In article  "Von Kaenel, Howard,BG, OSD/Pol" <vonkaenh@C3IPNT.C3I.OSD.MIL> writes:

>     PROBLEM:  Periodically (and unpredictably) the engine will begin 
>cutting out at exactly the same point (3800 RPM.)  The effect is analogous 
>to that of a rev limiter; the result is the same whether you get there by 
>brisk acceleration or sneaking up on it .  Everything returns to normal as 
>soon as revs drop below the magic number.  Produces a lot of short shifting 
>and long explantions (from the folks who swore they  FIXED it the last 
>time.)  Have tried several curatives; none have worked.
>     Thoughts?  If you've got the solution, you've made a friend for life.

Check the idle position switch.  Rpm sensor at the flywheel indicates correct 
rpm but, if idle switch indicates throttle closed when it is not, engine cuts 
out at 4,000 rpm.  Happened to me in the UrQ - a very unpleasant experience 
when accelerating hard.