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Re: Fwd: Re: Competition cries "OOWWWW...

On Tue, 9 May 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Well... when I was in san francisco for a month, i had rented an mx6. 
> That think was such a piece of junk, I couldnt wait to get back to my 
> 4000.  Now how in the world could an mx-6 win when the 4000 wouldnt?! I 
> doubt the mx-6 is better balanced at all.  It must be in the driver.  and 
> if that driver could win in an mx-6, think of what he could do in the 
> quattro!

	Sorry to disagree here, but if you rentd an MX-6 it was likely a 
slushbox (right? or not?) so you didn't really get the whole effect.  I 
have driven a couple of MX-6s/Probe GTs and as long as you have the V6 
car, it is an amazing car.  The handling is razer sharp, pleasantly 
stiff, and remarkably un-front-wheel-drive-like.  That V6 is the next 
best thing to a Rotary!  If it were only rear drive or AWD like a 
Quattro, it would be a great car.  I like the MX6's styling too, BTW.  
The controls are very light, and responsive, too.  I can see why they 
win, but OTOH, I also think that the Quattro could do better than it has 
if Audi were to put up some contingency awards like Mazda, BMW, 
andChrysler have done.

Later, Graydon D. Stuckey graydon@apollo.gmi.edu