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Re: Factory exh performance?

  Perhaps I was not clear; I was trying to contrast Scott's position that a
  sleeved cat flows enough better Vs an *empty* cat that the sleeving is
  worth the effort with Scott's statement that replacing the stock mufflers
  with straight pipes provides no better flow Vs with the stock mufflers.

  If sleeving the cat to provide equal cross-sectional area and minimum
  turbulence and therefore maximum flow and minumum backpressure, then I'd
  expect similar of greater results from eliminating the even greater
  relative change in diamater and turbulent flow that would result from the
  much larger difference in cross-sectional area that exist between the
  multiple pipe-muffler-pipe interfaces.

  I question why maintaining the cross-sectional area before, within and
  after the empty cat offers substantial benefits, but maintaining the
  cross-sectional area before, within and after the multiple mufflers and
  eliminating any restrictions that might be presented by multiple mufflers
  by replacing the mufflers with straight pipes offers no benefit.....

  Sure, flow testing would be the real way to go here, or even better,
  direct 1/4 mile time comparisons.