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Re: damn delta radio again

>So I got the delta radio this week, and It appears I entered the security 
>code too many times. oops.  Apparently after 6 times, it locks up for 
>good, and the only way to unlock it is send it to VW for $$.  Anyone know 
>what they do??? Can I do it myself?  TIA

I had a similar problem with the VW 'Premium' stereo in my 1993 Passat. The
parts counter guy suggested leaving it powered on for two to three hours
(displaying 'SAFE'). At that time, press the appropriate buttons to start
entering code ('mode' and 'scan' simultaneously on the Passat). If it worked
you should now see '1000' in the display and can proceed to enter the
correct code.

It worked for me on the Passat. I'm not sure if the manufacturer of the 
Passat "Premium" stereo is the same as the Audi "delta" stereo, but it's
worth a shot!

Mark Wasil
1990 100 Quattro
1993 Passat GLX