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Re: Fwd: Re: Competition cries "OOWWWW...

On Wed, 10 May 1995, Ernest Wong wrote:

> I'm thinking that the Mx6 you rented had the lovely slushbox in it. Was it
> the V6? I too rented a 626 (4 door cousin) in SF with 4 banger and
> slushbox. I've been in the manual 4 banger before and definitely notice the
> difference. The slush is slow to respond and takes A LOT out of the 4
> banger. It might work better with the v6 but unless one has driven the
> manual version of the Mx6, don't knock it off the list yet. . .

Actually it was the manual... which may have seen some abuse, because it 
certainly wasnt a smooth gate.  But I do beleive it was the 4 banger 
version... not the 6, which WOULD make a big difference.  Assuming its 
better than the v6 they put in the mx-3.  Last week when I was in 
atlanta, I drove my freinds mx-3 for the week, it was the 5 speed v6. 
What junk.  The 4000 would definately beat that car, there isnt even an 
arguement there! :)  it was new tho too, 15k on the clock.  Very 
unimpressive car, and after the week, I was glad to hand over the keys 
again! :)

But the botom line is... no, I havent driven the mx-6 with the v6 and 
5speed though... and if done right, its a good combo...  (hear that audi???)

I do remember toying with a mx-6 turbo, and losing miserably on the 
hiway...!  :)  hey, live and learn!


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