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Re: Factory exh performance?

> Is anyone concerned with the legality of an empty cat? ...

I believe in reduced emissions and the continuing effort here. If fact,
good ol' Boise Idaho is on the list of federally mandated emissions
testing as a metropolitan area. Pretty silly until one considers the
inversions we get here in the winter. What really peaves me are the
limits set depending on year of manufacture. Pre-68 has no limit and
when I need to drive somewhere (I bike to work) I typically see one 
or more smoke belchers. I wonder how they pass the test... Oh I know!
If one flunks, spend $40 on "repairs" and still flunk, that car is OK
for another year. One gets three years of this before the car is denied
registration. But then registration enforcement is lax too.

Now, OUR well tuned Audi's do very well in these tests. The test here does
not measure NOx, just HC and CO. My car measures 0% CO and 7 ppm HC with
it's cat in place. I wonder what a non-cat one would measure?

If I were in charge for a day.... I'd start taking those old smoke belchers
off the road first before I'd go after (mostly) complient well maintained
cars such as all ours. Right? Right! 


Bob Kunz