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Oil Filter Fiasco - followup...

First - thanks to all who replied to my post. The obvious remaining 
question is:
   what's a fair price for the oem-style oil filter, and from whom could  
   order them?

Second- went to start the car this morning. Coolant warning goes off. 
Ok, I add some water to the expansion tank. Boy its taking alot of 
water.  ...and dumping it onto the ground. Change from dress clothes to 
grungies, jack up car, remove belly pan, look around. Lower radiator 
hose has "slipped" off!!!  Evidently the hose clamp was fastened too 
close to the end of the hose.  Reattached the hose, filled the expansion 
tank with water, let the car heat up. Dropped it off at the shop on the 
way to work.  I have no, and I mean no idea how the car made it home 
last night, let alone to this point with the hose/clamp it that 
situation.  Any ideas?

Thank the Audi gods for diagnostic sensors that actually work! Unlike 
other cars that a failure indication means that the sensor has died.

Enough ramblin'  I guess the Audi wanted some more attention $$$ ;-)

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q
>PS the hoses are in otherwise good shape