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Re: Cat by the Tailpipe

you'll make probably an order of magnitude more ppm emissions this way. For
example, it seems to me that if I'm tuning my 4ksq using the access port
before the cat, I'm supposed to adjust the mixture for say 1-2% CO.  But my
smog check will show perhaps .1% CO or less after the cat.  I don't think
are exactly the right numbers, but you get the idea...  it would be similar
for HC and NOX.

I can't imagine why having a turbo would make a difference in regard to

Well a turbo has a lower compression ratio (7.0-7.8 83-88) to start, does
that help?

Regarding the magnitude reduction....  It is my feeling that a numbers a
number, if my 87 is allowed x or it won't pass, and I keep it in tune to half
the allowed, I should have that leeway...  Is that glass half full or half

At the time the epa mandated cats there was 2% fuel injection 98% carbs, and
the same proportion of turbos too.....  The manufacturer ONLY puts the cat on
cuz it's mandated, not whether it needs it or not, that was a quick year in
1979...........   Give me the rules to the game, then leave me alone to play,
to me the rules are to meet the numbers, I meet them and not just at the edge
like that 78 caprice in the line next to me.......   Right now you could
knock another 35% into compliance by taking the tests out of the hands of
your local mechanic, PA and NY come to mind (with the 20 bill in his hand)
and put it at the state level/ state run, which Illinois and a few other
states did........  Now you're either in or out not close or close enough....

If you make a car emissions flat across the board we'd all be driving turbo
5valve cars, but the displacement would suck........  So give me what I have
to meet, and you got it, why should I be penalized cuz I scooped a box of
honeycombs and still fall in line.......  Hiperformance is by definition,
going to give better emissions.....  Long live WOT.....