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Re: Can't play Radio...

Norm said:
I'm a relatively new owner of a 86 Audi Coupe GT..  Am I missing something,
or is it really the way the car was designed?  I have to have the ignition
turned on to apply power to the radio.  If so, does it hurt anything to have
the ignition on without the engine running?  I can anyways wire the radio
around the ignition switch, but why on earth didn't the Audi engineers put
in an auxilary position on the switch like all good North American Cars?

Norm - don't know about anyone else, but on my '86 5kS, I
don't even have to have the key in the ignition to listen
to the radio. I'm reasonably sure this is the factory
setup, because if the door is opened while the radio is
on, I get a reminder chime. Maybe you're missing a fuse
somewhere, or have a bad connection??? Or maybe the Coupe
differs from the 5kS in this respect.

Eric T.    '86 5kS