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Re: Audi on the way up 87 4KS

> I've finally took the plunge and moved into a Street Prepared class with 
> my Audi.  This new class (SCCA) allows much more in the way of 
> modifications, so I thought that I'd see what everyone has tried, and see 
> if it works.

Congratulations!  Good luck!  Looks like you need to change your sig!
> exhaust system is free: I would like more info on replacing the single 
> outlet manifold with the dual outlet from an early Audi Fox.(?)  Need the 
> downpipe too, if you please.  I think Ti Kan has done this swap on his 
> 4K, but I can't remember.
I have a '78 Fox with the tri-Y exhaust, but I am not familiar with the newer 
4000 exhaust configurations ... I do have the Bentley for the '87 4000 here in 
my office.

The only reference information I could find was a picture on page 10.3 of the 
Bentley.  It sure looked like there were two pipes on the downpipe side of the 
connection to the exh man in that book.  It looked like the mounting flange is 
different than that for the Fox ... mine has a rectangular mounting surface 
with six bolts (one on each corner and two in the middle of the long direction.  
>From this tiny bit of information I would imagine that you are going to need 
both the exhaust manifold and the down tube from the Fox ...

I heard that the VW Fox was basically the same as the old Audi version.  Can 
anyone confirm or deny this?  If so, could you get the exhaust tract from a 
newer VW Fox?

Steve Buchholz