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Re: ur-Q brake woes.....?

   >   The brake fluid level never went low enough to let air in.
   >   The hydraulic boost system fluid level was very low,
   >   took just over 1 quart to fill to the fill line. No difference
   >   in failure mode was noted after topping up the
   >   hydraulic fluid. One more note; hydraulic fluid
   >   overflowed from the revisor when pumping the brakes
   >   with the engine NOT running. Master cylinder is

   My money's on the accumulator.  You had to add fluid to the system and
   there was no mention of a leak.  When you depressurized the system there
   was an overflow condition.  I can't see the hydraulic pump or the brake
   servo explaining your symptoms as well as the pressure accumulator.

The overflow means there was adequate (well, if it took a quart...) fluid
to begin with. In normal operation, the fluid level is not visible (at
least in my '83), it is all hiding in the bomb, er, accumulator. You
should pump the sucker 40-50 times *BEFORE* you "add fluid to the fill
line", elstwise you gets one horrible mess!

As to why the brakes aren't working -- ??? All four calipers frozen solid?
That seems like a fairly expen$ive proposition to fix, so that's probably
your problem.