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Re: Brake bias on an 86 4000 ...


        >>    I looked in the Bentley manual and it shows a pressure control
set up 
        >>    below the master cylinder and it "says" it is not  adjustable.
 Is this true or is it         >>    "not adjustable" for liability reasons?

Yup, It's a sealed unit(proportioning valve) set with the factory's
preferences. It's prolly biased somewhere around 65%-front/35% rear. This is
designed to be predictable and safe in a passenger car app. If you need a
different bias for racing apps, Tilton Engineering makes an adjustable unit.
You'd need to give them the thread specs on your lines though... If you need
their number, I can dig it up for ya.

FYI, altering the brake bias really changes the braking charactistics of the
car, so experiment in the privacy of your own personal parking lot...

-Chris Semple