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vacuum pump and tick-tick-tick

My mechanic checked out the ticking in my engine since I am getting
ready to sell the car (last chance folks!).  His first guess was the
exhaust manifold, but it seems OK.  Using his version of a 
stethoscope (a screwdriver with the blade against the engine, handle
against his ear!) it seems like the #4 and 5 lifters are noisy.

Just to double check before engine surgery, I took apart the vaccum
pump as per Chris Ice's descriton.  It's easy.  A couple of notes
I would add:

- remove both vaucuum hoses from the pump (using a Phillips screwdriver)
- the bolts are 13mm - use a socket for the top, wrench for the
- careful with the washers - the may fall off and you won't
  notice them
- use a large flat blade screwdriver if you decide to open up the 
  pump cover - they can get chewed up easily, but if you are 
  careful, there should not be a problem.

As soon as I saw the 'graphite' rod that goes from the cam to the
pump, and moved it in and out, I heard a clacking noise that I
was sure was the culprit.  So I put the pump back on the engine,
minus the rod.  Nope, noise was still there.  I took off the pump
again and cleaned it out well (just a little sludge in it, not all
that much oil) and that was that.

So I'm off to shop for lifters now.  Might as well do all 5 I

| Dan |