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disc : painting issues

Hi Quattroheads

I have some questions concerning the restoration of
my trusty 5000S.

	Firstly, it needs a fresh coat of paint, since
the clearcoat has all but come off. I'm going to do it 
myself (no MAACO for me boys!).

	I was advised to simply clean the surface, and 
use spray-on clearcoat lacquer. Would it be a better idea to 
sand the surface down, apply primer, (black) paint, and then
clearcoat in that order to get a good black finish ? 

	What would all this cost me (roughly) ?
	What method would you suggest ? 
		1. spray directly from spray-on-can ?
		2. spray using a gun ?

	How would I even out the paint finish once it's done ?

thanks muchos in advance..