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ur-Q parts and prices.....

  Well, I checked out some prices for stuff I need to
  complete the KuQEFH project, as well as resolving
  my brake woes. Check out these prices from Linda:

  part                                          list
  Carlsen                 PAP
  brake accumulator           $355.55                150
  rear tie rods                           229                        88.84
  master cyl                              253.65                106.62
  master cyl rbld kit                190                      150
  oil cooler line                        398.45                  286.85
  oil cooler line                        310.90                  223.85
  tri-electrode Bosch               12.15                       8.75
  brake prop valve                 195??

  The M/C is less than the rebuild kit?!
  Aren't ur-Q prices CRAZY?

  Anyone know of another source for the ur-Q oil cooler
  hoses or the Bosch tri-electrode plugs, WRD5TDC,
  I think, or the brake press accumulator?