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RE: ur-Q parts and prices.....

>  part                                          list                  
Carlsen                 PAP
>  brake accumulator           $355.55                150
I have heard the accumulator ball is also used on a BMW and is cheaper if 
you buy it as such. I would check into a BMW crossreference.

>  rear tie rods                           229                        88.84
right around what I paid a year ago.

>  oil cooler line                        398.45                  286.85
>  oil cooler line                        310.90                  223.85
You might want to check into making these yourself with Earls/Aeroquip hose 

>  Aren't ur-Q prices CRAZY?
The latest wild price I found was for the little plastic covers about the 
size of a quarter, which go over the bumper mount bolts on the ur-Q. Each 
bolt cap was, ka-ching!!!!, $10.40 list, $7.49 my cost . I needed 1 front 
and 4 rear. Buying those parts sucked, but there was nowhere else to get 

Have you started checking into the cost of internal engine parts? I would be 
interested in hearing what you find. Any idea what connecting rod bearings 
cost? crank journal bearings? piston wrist pins?

I have a load of parts to get for my rebuild and the cost of some of this 
stuff is scarey.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com