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Re: 84 GT fixes/IA mods

          In regards to the '84 GT, I'll back all the recommendations 
          you've received from Steve, Bob, and Glenn.  
          Especially the removal of the headlight to get to the air filter!  
          It's just a few screws and a little manuevering, and alot of the 
          time I won't have to remove the intake hose from the air meter to 
          the throttle body (according to my wife, I'm Italian and I'm a 
          male, therefore I find the easy way out of everything....).  I 
          pop the clips of the air box, lift up, slide the old filter out, 
          then slide in the new.  
          Plastic clips in the seat tracks?  Yup, had to do those too.
          Double jointedness?  I am, but not much of a benefit.  Be glad 
          there's no turbo! (of course I wish I had one.....)  Those QTC 
          owners can tell you about tight spaces!
          I also recommend the Bentley, though I have the Haynes as well.
          Pray you don't have to pull the exhaust manifold.
          Good luck!
          '85 Coupe GT
          '85 5ks