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[Northern] California Chapter of Quattro Club Formation Meeting Announcement

I wanted to apprise those on the quattro list that we have scheduled 
a meeting to discuss the subject of forming a California Chapter of
Quattro Club USA.  It is likely that there will be more than a single 
California chapter, but that is yet TBD.

I received the chapter formation info from QCUSA and have contacted local 
regions of other clubs.  I'd like to schedule our next meeting for Wednes-
day, 26 July 1995 to review the proposal and determine where we go from 
there.  The meeting time will be at 7:00 p.m. in the offices of Rendition.  
Here are the directions I got from Jay Eisenlohr:

> Rendition is located at 1675 North Shorline Blvd. in Mountain View just one
> exit north of the junction of 101 and 85 on 101.  From either direction on
> 101, take the Shoreline Blvd. exit.  Turn left onto Shoreline at the signal
> light.  Rendition is located on the right hand side on the corner of
> Shoreline Blvd. and  Space Parkway.  Turn right onto Space Parkway, you will
> be between the Rendition Building and the Magic Edge Flight simulator
> Building, take the first driveway to the left and you will be in the back
> parking lot of Rendition.  Follow the signs to the "Quattro Club" meeting
> area.  Please go immediately to the meeting area.  The meeting will be held
> on the first floor.  Do not go upstairs, engineers will be working!

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the proposal from QCUSA, get 
in touch with me and I can get a copy/fax to you.  Finally, if you are aware 
of any other chapters of car clubs, I'd appreciate it if you could get in 
touch with someone in the club to try to find out how their organizations 
interface with the national organization, especially when it comes to dues 
(how much? separate local & national dues or does national fund local?, 
etc.), insurance and assistance at locally sponsored events, and interest 
in co-sponsorship of local events.  I have contacted the local Shelby club, 
and Jay will be talking to a PCA club in OR.  Please let me know what you 
plan to do and what you need.  I would appreciate it if you could let me 
know if you are planning to attend by giving me a call or sending some 
direct e-mail.  

BTW - It doesn't matter to me whether or not you are a member of QCUSA ...
the local Shelby club allows people to be members of the local group without
being a member of the national organization ...

Anyone who would like to get in touch with the person that is investigat-
ing a southern California chapter please send me a direct e-mail.  I'll
supply the name/address/phone of the coordinator upon request.

I am also interested in getting opinions from those of you on the list that 
are not near the San Francisco Bay Area or the LA Basin regarding whether 
you think it might be appropriate to break the state into more than two 
pieces.  I am also intersted in setting up direct communication with chapter 
coordinators from other states ...

Steven L. Buchholz	KLA Instruments Corporation - RAPID Engineering
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